CE Certificates

Online CE/CME Certificates are only available for those attending the seminar in its entirety. To be eligible to print your CE/CME Certificate online, you are required to sign in and out on the roster each day of the workshop, attend the course in full, and submit an evaluation. Registrants who do not want to complete this process online may pick up a paper form to complete onsite from the registration desk. Please pick up paper forms at the registration desk.

If you have completed a course prior to May 2017, please see our FAQ page for instructions on how to take your evaluation and download your certificate.

You can follow these simple steps in order to obtain your certificate online:

  • CLICK HERE to log-in to your account on our catalog.
  • Locate the live workshop, streaming workshop, or on-demand video you have recently completed.
  • Click on the CERTIFICATE button for that event.
  • A pop-up menu will appear listing the necessary steps to complete in order to gain access to and download your certificate. These must be completed in order from top to bottom. Participants must complete the following:
    • On demand events: You must fill out the evaluation, quiz, and submit the affidavit.
    • Live-Stream events: You will need to submit the letter code that flashed on the screen during the live event. Unless otherwise indicated at the onset of the workshop you will need to submit a letter code for each day of the workshop. Complete the evaluation and affidavit.
    • Live, In-Person Events: You will need to fill out the evaluation and submit the affidavit. After our staff has confirmed your attendance you will be able to obtain your certificate. Please note: Participants must sign in and out EACH DAY of a workshop in order to be considered present and receive credit. No partial credit is awarded. Attendance confirmation may take up to three business days from the final day of the workshop.
  • Click “Download your Certificate”.
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